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Contract production to customer wishes.

Our service departments for coating and extraction offer a wealth of products for a wide range of different applications. In addition to a large number of pure spice extracts, for example, there is also a whole spectrum of ready-to-use mixed spice extracts – including blends for special recipes. The advantage here is that you need only one raw material instead of many and thus save on the costs of weighing out the separate ingredients. If you still cannot find the right mixture for your requirements, simply contact us. Upon request, we shall be happy to develop and produce special products customized to your specific needs.

We also offer contract services in other fields of production, such as the grinding of substances. Ground products include hydrogenated fats, edible organic acids and various salts. Good grinding practice demands extensive know-how and the appropriate equipment. In our company you will find both of these components and are welcome to employ them for the cost-effective management of your projects in this field. Just contact us to enquire about the options. A quotation will tell you more. We at EXTRAKTA STRAUSS can do a great deal to find the solution tailor-made to your task.