The idea was born in 2007: How can we be of use to our customers apart from supplying them with products and services?

A newsletters came into being, which we hope provides you with interesting, varied and “age-resistant” information. - As the name states, we are taking a look from the practical side: tasks and solutions for the food industry. This is an area where background knowledge often helps. Our topics are chosen on the basis of their utility value: in other words, on whether they can help you with your work.

EXTRAKTA TIPS currently appear in printed from two to three times a year - sorry, they are so far only available in German. If you are interested, we shall be all too happy to include you in our mailing list. And if you simply want to find out if our newsletter is of any interest to you, you will find all the previous issues for download as PDF documents. Just click on the issues you want in the list: