Extraction Benefits

Spice extracts: why they are more economical.

Spice extracts offer all the benefits of the raw product without the drawbacks:

The active spice ingredients are released from the raw product through a variety of extraction processes.

High-pressure gas extraction with super-critical carbon dioxide represents the most advanced and elaborate method used. It has the advantage of being solvent-free and producing particularly pure extracts. At EXTRAKTA STRAUSS we have in-house extraction capacities and an internally developed high pressure extraction process at our disposal.

Our spice products are supplied to client specifications either as concentrates or alternatively in a form that has undergone additional processing: the application to carriers, like salt, lactose or dextrose, makes the spice extracts easier to dose - a benefit of which many users like to take advantage.

Our schematic diagram provides another overview of the work steps and processes involved:

Extrakta - Diagram

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