Warehouse in Essener Straße Start of production in Essener Straße Construction work in Hans-Böckler-Ring

Start And Growth Of The Concern.

Concerning the development of Extrakta Strauss GmbH: Following many years in leading positions within the industry, the food chemist, Dr. Kuno Strauss, decided to take the step of starting his own business.

The aim of the business was to manufacture new additives for the food industry, at the same time following new procedural methods. The generic term for our range of products was and continues to be lipids. Through his earlier involvement, Dr. Strauss was well acquainted with the food industry, both locally and abroad.

This is how Extrakta Strauss GmbH became established on 20/01/1981, initially with the image of a small-scale business. This is not how things were destined to stay, because Dr. Strauss was not an unknown figure within this business environment, and the products were well received. As early as the next financial year, it was possible to rent a building in a Hamburg industrial park; these premises were outgrown only 5 years later.

With a view to key forthcoming investments, a courageous decision was then taken: the acquisition of our own property, on which a generously proportioned modern new building was to be erected. On 29/01/1988, it was therefore possible to move to our new registered address, Hans-Böckler-Ring 20 in Norderstedt.

Despite hardships and setbacks, things continued to improve. A vital contribution was also made by the son, Uwe Strauss, a chemical engineering graduate, joining the business on 01/05/1992. Growth continued, the walls became too confining once again, and as early as 1994 we moved into another new building which was attached to the existing premises.

Upon completing her studies in chemistry, the daughter, Dr. Silja Mörker, née Strauss, also took the daring step of joining the family business on 01/04/1997, where she found herself faced with an extensive range of promising tasks. After years' successful work in her past position, Dr Mörker has now taken up a new field of activity.

In 1997 the neighbouring property at Hans Böckler-Ring 18 was acquired, including an operational building that provided a sensible supplement to the existing building complex. It was now possible to structure the areas of operation better from a spatial perspective, to set up functional rooms and a new social area for the employees.

Of course, not only had overall market conditions continued to develop and change over the years, but there had also been arrivals and departures amongst our all important personal contacts on the basis of age factors alone. It therefore appeared advisable to maintain our brand recognition through careful advertising measures. An integral part of our image advertising is our participation in such bodies as the DIN Institute but also our competence relating to food legislation and all issues concerning our products. In this way, service shifted into the foreground as a supplementary business objective, which we also fulfil through client-specific product development.

The focal points of our work are and will remain surface-coated loose substances and spice extracts in all their diversity. Our production programme is to quite a large extent the result of our own development of products, manufacturing processes and processing equipment. Even today, some promising new products and processes are under development.